2016 - 2016


Mid-Term Evaluation of the NAMA Facility

The NAMA Facility has been working since 2013 to support developing countries and emerging economies that show leadership on tackling climate change and that want to implement ambitious climate protection measures (ie Nationally Appropriate mitigation Actions – NAMAs).

LTS was contracted to carry out the Mid-term Evaluation (MTE) of the NAMA Facility.

  • The Facility is funded by Germany, the UK, Denmark and the EC and is managed by a Technical Support Unit (TSU) jointly run by GIZ and KfW.
  • The NAMA Facility specifically addresses the demand for tailor-made climate finance by funding the implementation of ambitious country-led NAMAs, thus delivering concrete greenhouse gas reductions.
  • GIZ contracted LTS to carry out the Mid-term Evaluation (MTE) of the first three proposal funding rounds managed by the Facility, representing €145m.

The MTE is strongly formative: the deliverables will inform further development of the Facility and improvements in its systems.


The NAMA Facility was officially announced by Germany and the United Kingdom at COP18 in Doha, 2012, and €120m committed.  It has since been further funded to €175m by Denmark, the European Commission (EC) and additional UK International Climate Fund (ICF) funding was approved in 2015. It is innovative and involves numerous partners in its governance and implementation.

An external MTE of the NAMA Facility was requested to analyse and improve the understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of the Facility, including its governance and management, and the NAMA support project portfolio from the first 3 calls for proposals. It was also assessed in terms of its relevance to different stakeholders, including recipient countries, donors and Delivery Organisations; and consider improvements to its implementation.


LTS has led and managed a mixed methods theory-based MTE, including:

  • Strategic oversight, operational management and coordination of the contract and all related communication and interaction.
  • Design and application of evaluation methodology and data collection tools, using both qualitative and quantitative data (mixed methods including portfolio analysis, evaluation tailored rubrics, cross case comparative analysis for successful and unsuccessful applications, institutional systems review, comparative assessment, data synthesis methods, VfM analysis, perception surveys, and Theory of Change analysis).

Facilitating exchanges of experiences and identifying improvements, lessons learned and best practice to inform the NAMA Facility.

 Values and benefits

This formative evaluation will inform further development of the Facility and improvements in its systems for enhanced effectiveness and impact.

The MTE has explored the role the Facility plays in the context of the wider landscape of climate financing, including its influence in relation to the NDCs and LEDS that provide the framework within which specific NAMA actions may be coordinated and supported. This includes understanding the implications of the Paris COP agreements and the capitalisation of the Green Climate Fund (GCF) on the strategic relevance of the Facility.  



Geography: Worldwide

Date: 2016

Keywords: NAMA, M&E, Mid-term review

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