2014 - 2014


Development of Methodologies to Assess Changes in Carbon Stock for Managed Conservation Areas

Key Staff:

Philippa Lincoln

This assignment provides RSPO with information to guide the development of an approach to account for net-greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from conservation areas within oil palm plantations. An initial methodology was proposed to provide a framework for further development of accounting approaches. The proposed methodology seeks balance the need for accurate assessment of GHG emissions and removals with the feasibility of implementing the approach given current data availability, and the resource and capacity constraints faced by plantation managers. Calculation approaches for assessing GHG emissions and removals in natural forest areas maintained within palm oil plantations as buffers or because of their high conservation value have not been developed in the current version of PalmGHG. This assignment explores accounting approaches and methodological options that could allow RSPO members to include conservation areas in future GHG accounting. It aims to provide RSPO with information to guide the development of a GHG accounting approach that can be integrated with PalmGHG for assessing GHG emissions and removals from managed conservation areas within RSPO oil palm plantations.



Geography: Worldwide

Date: 2015 - 2014

Keywords: Palm Oil, GHG Emission, Deforestation

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