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Our congratulations to LTS Principal Consultant Matthew Shearing who in January became an elected member of the International Statistical Institute (ISI). Matthew was elected by his senior peers from the world of official statistics, including former Directors General of National Statistical Offices, to support the work of the ISI’s Statistical Capacity Building Committee. In this voluntary role, he aims to help the Committee’s work have a higher impact by promoting global knowledge transfer between Statisticians, Data Scientists, and other relevant professions, and by promoting partnerships across the public and private sectors to help solve global development challenges.

The ISI’s annual blue ribbon event the World Statistics Congress is taking place this year in Kuala Lumpur in August .This will bring together about 2,500 delegates, comprising statistical researchers, academia, industry practitioners, analysts and policymakers from all over the world to share insights on development in statistical science and to advance application of statistics for discovery, innovation, and decision making. 

ISI WSC 2019 – ISI World Statistics Congress 2019

1 Dec 2018. The list of Approved Special Topic Sessions for ISI WSC 2019 is now available. The Local Programme Committee (LPC) for the 62nd ISI World Statistics Congress 2019, chaired by Datin Rozita Talha, has completed the selection of proposals submitted for Special Topic Sessions (STS).


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