2010 - 2011


Development of a Water Master Plan

Key Staff:

Kirsti Thornber

Mauritius has a diversified economy which relies on efficiently managed water resources and the growing scarcity of water resources calls for revisiting the existing riparian system of water rights. The project will prepare a Water Master Plan that serves as a road map for the further development of Mauritius water to help government achieve its objective to provide reliable potable water supply on a 24 hour basis all year round. LTS will support the component for the Rationalization of Water Rights and institutional arrangements within the water sector through the provision of a detailed review and analysis of existing water legislation and the development of legal frameworks for water allocation mechanisms. An assessment of the feasibility of implementing a licensing system for water allocation will be provided along with proposals for sharing of river flow.

Clients: Government of Mauritius



Geography: Mauritius

Date: 2010 - 2011

Keywords: governance, Water, master plan, masterplanning, Mauritius

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