2009 - 2009


Initiative Pauvrete et Environnement (IPE) Programme Evaluation and Future Directions

The Initiative Pauvrete Environnement (IPE) Mali programme aimed to strengthen the contribution of sustainable natural resource management and the environment to achieving the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and sustained economic growth. Alex Forbes, Associate Director at LTS, was commissioned to lead the evaluation of the IPE-Mali and provide direction on the future direction of the programme. Alex facilitated an evaluation of current progress of the IPE Mali programme with staff and stakeholders in Bamako and, drawing from interviews and group work sessions, he also assisted the identification of the programme’s progress to date, what is working well and what can be improved, and guided the identification of opportunities and future directions for the programme. Presentation of a detailed Aide Memoire (in French) at the end of the mission enabled all stakeholders to discuss and agree on the evaluation findings, conclusions and recommendations on future directions.

Clients: United Nations Poverty and Environment Facility



Geography: Mali

Date: 2009

Keywords: UN, livelihoods, development, M&E, monitoring, evaluation, biodiversity

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