2011 - 2013


Integrated Assessment of Land Use Options

The government of Malawi with support from its cooperating partners intends to undertake a comprehensive program to address Climate Change issues in its development agenda. To this effect the government has embarked in the definition of its National Program for Managing Climate Change in Malawi (CCP). The goal of the formulation phase is “to develop an evidence-based strategic framework, national program and funded Phase I implementation plan for managing response to climate change in Malawi.” This formulation phase will focus on: (i) institution building, (ii) climate risk and adaptation assessments, and (iii) definition of strategic/ programmatic investment analyses and interventions, both for mitigation and adaptation.

The objective of this consultancy is to strengthen integrated land use planning in response to the challenges and opportunities presented by Climate Change by systematically exploring land use management options for climate financing in Malawi to deliver both climate (adaptation/mitigation) as well as development (e.g. environmental, economic, social) co-benefits. The outputs will cluster around two areas: (i) technical assessment of land use management options in the face of climate change to inform carbon finance investments and sustainable land use management, and (ii) supporting a government-led process for the preparation of key watershed investments based on land and climate management priorities and opportunities, which should help to inform, prioritize and coordinate future catchment management investments, including those to be made under on-going or planned investments such as future phases of the Shire River Basin Management Program.

LTS provided the following services:

  • Collation of material to produce a knowledge base for Land Use Management Analysis
  • Development of an Analytical Framework for this Integrated Assessment
  • Establishment of a baseline and preparation of potential future environmental, climate and land use scenarios
  • Biophysical and economic analysis of alternative scenarios
  • Consultation with and Capacity-building of Key Stakeholders
  • Prioritisation of watersheds and identification of Key Potential Land Use Management Investments.
  • Design of portfolio of potential land use management investments for climate change mitigation and adaptation.
  • Preparation of a land use management Investment Plan for 5 priority watersheds in the country.
  • Preparation of online database available via National Climate Change Programme Website, including an interactive PDF allowing users to produce their own maps offline.
  • Main techniques used were:
  • Integrated land use and climate change impact modeling
  • Cost benefit analysis of existing spatial and agronomic data; field surveys to enhance understanding of household level economics and constraints; review of existing data on ecosystem services.
  • Carbon finance portfolio assessment through local and national consultations; institutions and platforms for stimulating supply of certified emissions reductions (CERs), linking buyers to sellers of CERs.
  • Watershed planning

Clients: World Bank

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