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LTS is the M&E agency for Enhancing Community Resilience Programme (ECRP) in Malawi, providing MEL throughout the life of the programme. This programme is one of the very first resilience portfolios in Africa. It included interventions such as, conservation, agriculture, livestock rearing, cookstoves, irrigation, and village savings and loans. 

In this article, Kirsty and Matt explore how the evaluation process for ECRP in Malawi supported and demonstrated impact through a user-focus and meaningful data analysis.

LTS recognised that implementers were diverse and numerous; often had little chance to stop and reflect on the relationship between their work and policy development; they typically do great work in the field but focus much less on the use of evidence.

Our learning-based evaluation tried to address these issues, focusing a communication approach on how to help get great M&E findings and get them into use. – The engage-learn-use vision!





Download the PDF to read the full article here!



Date: 2018 -


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