2015 - 2016


Liberia-National REDD+ Strategy Consultation

The overall objective is to support Liberia to design a socially and environmentally sound national strategy to reduce emissions from deforestation and forest degradation (REDD+) that is prepared and validated by national stakeholders.

  • $477,000 contract value, contracted by Liberia’s FDA.
  • Implementation is in partnership with NIRAS A/S.
  • Project has provided in-depth analytical work so that the FDA and other stakeholders can consider strategic options for the REDD+ Strategy.


An estimated 20% of Liberia’s forested area was lost between 2000 and 2014. Since 2007, Liberia has been engaging in REDD+ readiness processes by developing a Readiness Preparation Proposal (R-PP). Going forward, the country needs a national strategy to ensure that REDD+ activities are implemented in a coherent manner that complies with REDD+ requirements at UNFCCC level.


LTS has supported REDD+ stakeholders with in-depth analytical work to assess and validate preliminary strategic options for the REDD+ Strategy, including

  • Quantitative analysis of the different land use options in forested and mixed agricultural lands for development of the national REDD+ Strategy.
  • Cost-benefit analyses of different proposed REDD+ Strategy options (opportunity, implementation, transaction cost).
  • Policy, legal and institutional analysis of domestic and international frameworks for REDD+.

Preparation of a roadmap for the implementation of the strategy.

Value and benefits

A draft national REDD+ strategy and implementation Roadmap will guide the FDA and REDD+ stakeholders in the next steps of REDD+ readiness.

The opportunities for conserving the carbon stocks in concessions and proposed Protected Areas are substantial.

Final Report

Technical Annex A – Liberia’s national REDD+ strategy

Technical Annex B – Liberia’s REDD+ roadmap

Technical Annex C – Forest cover and land use analysis

Technical Annex D – REDD+ strategy options

Technical Annex E – Cost-benefit analysis of REDD+ strategy options

Technical Annex F – Policy, legal and institutional framework analysis

Technical Annex G – Consultation Report  

Clients: World Bank



Geography: Liberia

Date: 2015 - 2016

Keywords: REDD+, REDD Strategy, Liberia

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