2001 - 2001


Economic and Social Impacts of the Green-Field Pulp Mill Project Baltic Pulp Investment in Latvia

LTS undertook an assessment of the impacts of a proposed USD1bn pulp mill investment in Latvia. The key outputs included a concise report outlining the more significant costs and benefits of the proposed investment; recommendations for institutional changes which would enhance the Government’s capacity to fully appraise the economic and social benefits that might accrue, at regional and national levels, from inward investments and projects for which State support had been requested; and a Forest Sector model which will allow decision-makers to test changes in assumptions and to evaluate different scenarios for the development of Latvia’s forest industry. Validation of forecasts of future timber supply was coupled with an assessment of the raw material needs of existing and other planned processing capacity was particularly important.

Clients: Private



Geography: Latvia

Date: 2001

Keywords: Forest Governance, Latvia, Green-Field, Pulp Mill, Baltic Pulp Investment, Baltic, Europe

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