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National Performance and Benefit Measurement Framework

Kenya’s Climate Change Action Plan 2013-2017 (CCAP) sees climate change as both a significant threat and huge opportunity for the country’s development. Kenya needs to help its people adapt to climate change. At the same time, it needs to maximise opportunities from low carbon development, carbon trading and climate finance, particularly given the agricultural focus of its economy and its wealth of renewable resources. Developing a National Performance and Benefit Measurement Framework (NPBMF, Sub-Component 6 [SC6] of the National Climate Change Response Strategy Action Plan) that covers adaptation, mitigation and the synergies between them will be pivotal to helping Kenya operationalise its National Climate Change Response Strategy and to ensuring that the CCAP leads to practical results for Kenyan communities.

The work of the consultants followed a two-stage approach. Stage 1 involved a review of existing practices and literature, while Stage 2 involved design of the NPBMF. Stage 1 tasks included review of the data generation mechanisms, indicators and reporting mechanisms used by state and non-state actors in Kenya, highlighting their strengths and weaknesses and pertinence to NPBMF and reviewing the relevant policy and academic literature and selected case studies from other countries. Stage 2 tasks included elaboration of best options for an integrated monitoring and reporting system for Kenya; elaboration of guidelines, tools and templates for delivering this system at the national and county levels; development of a generic set of indicators for estimating and measuring Kenyan NAMAs, NAPS and synergies; development of a capacity development plan to enable operationalisation of this integrated framework; and specification of relevant tasks that fall outside the scope of the contract, then drafting of terms of reference (ToR) for those tasks.

The Executive Summary of the National Climate Change Adaptation Plan 2013-2017 is available for download here.

Clients: Ministry of Environment and Mineral Resources of Kenya

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