2009 - 2009


Forestry Mainstreaming Initiative

Key Staff:

Scott Geller

The Forestry Mainstreaming Initiative (FMI) was developed as a 5-year collaborative effort led by the Ministry of Forestry and Wildlife in partnership with various Government of Kenya institutions thst would bring together critical thinking on the Government processes of mainstreaming from a forestry perspective and would create a common understanding of forestry mainstreaming. The FMI objectives included: (i) building capacity to integrate forestry in budget decision-making, sectoral strategies, plans, investment programmes and M&E systems; (ii) establishing partnerships for mainstreaming at a national level visible through better Government and development partner coordination and mobilisation of resources; and (iii) increasing awareness on forestry linkages and improving the understanding of the forest sectors contribution to national development. The Forestry Resource Accounts (FRA) process was initiated as a priority FMI activity. The intention was to establish a satellite account within the National Accounts Office operated by the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics. LTS designed FMI and provided strategic support and supervision of the FRA process.

Clients: Ernst and Young Ghana



Geography: Kenya

Date: 2009

Keywords: forests, FMI, M&E, monitoring, evaluation, governance

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