2003 - 2008


Forest Rehabilitation and Environmental Management Strengthening Programme

Key Staff:

Scott Geller

The USAID-funded FORREMS (2003-2008) and the World Bank-funded NRMP (2007-2013) aimed to strengthen government natural resource management institutions, assists local community groups in improving forest and environmental management, aid the rehabilitation of degraded rangelands and improves rural livelihoods with sustainable nature-based enterprises. FORREMS and NRMP worked with the Forest Department and Ministry of Forestry and Wildlife in improving the enabling framework for sustainable forest management by advancing reforms in Forest Act and Kenya Forest Service (KFS) – a state corporation that will replace the Forest Department in 2007. The Forestry Transaction Advisor acted as an advisor to the Permanent Secretary, De-Linking Committee, Forest Reform Secretariat and KFS Board on the transition of FD to the KFS. In this regard, the advisor brought to KFS expertise in public sector reform such as strategic planning, corporate governance, organisational structuring, budget and finance, human resources management, recruitment and performance contracting.

Clients: United States Agency for International Development



Geography: Kenya

Date: 2007 - 2008

Keywords: advisor, forests, governance, USAID, Kenya, Africa, Forest Governance, FORREMS

NIRAS has been working in PFM for the last 15 years, supporting national decentralisation processes and applying pa…
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