2015 - 2015


Development of the National Adaptation Plan

Key Staff:

Kirsti Thornber

Kenya is extremely susceptible to climate-related events and such events pose a serious threat to the socio-economic development. With climate change projections indicating a rise in frequency and severity of extreme events, the Government of Kenya set out to tackle these challenges in a systemic manner. A National Climate Change Response Strategy (NCCRS) was published in April 2010. The National Adaptation Plan (NAP) built on the NCCRS to include adaptation plans; ongoing, planned and recommended for Kenya.

  • LTS was contracted to develop Kenya’s NAP
  • LTS team used best practices risk-based approaches
  • LTS partnered with Acclimatise, a UK based firm specialising in adaptation.
  • LTS Services: £294,173


With an economy heavily reliant on agriculture, Kenya must incorporate climate change into national development plans. A NAP was needed to identify priority adaptation actions with supporting information on context, current status of activities, lead agency to take priority actions forward, stakeholder support required, indicative timeframe, costs (where available) and immediate next steps also provided.


LTS’s approach to developing the NAP included:

  • Documentation of lessons learned and development of a NAP Knowledge Database.
  • Identification of priority adaptation actions that reduce vulnerability and build resilience.
  • Assessment of availability and access to localized climate data (both current and future projections).
  • Risk assessment – identify the level of risk different sectors face.
  • Performance indicators to assess the impacts of adaptation actions that feed into the national monitoring framework.
  • Facilitation of stakeholder consultative sessions to discuss the NAP.

Value and benefits

A clear NAP that provides accurate information on the adaptation levels of Kenya and provides well-defined recommendations for future actions. The NAP solidifies that adaptation is the key priority for Kenya with the goal being “Enhanced resilience towards the attainment of Vision 2030.”

For further information please see the Government of Kenya’s Climate Change Action Plan website here.

The Executive Summary of the National Climate Change Adaptation Plan 2013-2017 is now available for download here.

Clients: Climate and Development Knowledge Network

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