2007 - 2007

East Africa:

Review of Microfinance Initiatives in Protected Area and Environmental Contexts in East Africa

As part of a multi-county lesson learning exercise, LTS was contracted to review six microfinance schemes established over the past eight years in the context of protected areas and ecosystem conservation projects with the objective of assessing their performance against environmental, social and financial criteria. LTS identified the need for, and designed a review of, selected savings and loan schemes that had been established in the context of protected area or natural resource management projects. LTS worked in partnership with WWF and CARE Tanzania to secure the funding and personnel to carry out the review. Using participatory social approaches to evaluate schemes, LTS led the field review of six project sites. LTS examined the short and long-term financial viability of the schemes, their environmental sustainability and socio-cultural acceptability. The results and lessons were compiled analysed and presented for consideration by the LTS, WWF and CARE partnership.

Clients: CARE International, World Wide Fund for Nature




Date: 2007

Keywords: WWF, CARE, livelihoods, development, M&E, monitoring, evaluation

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