2010 - 2010

Middle East:

Peace Building Project

Peace building is central to the Middle Eastern security and prosperity. The UNDP funded Peace Building Project promoted peace through the joint management of cross boundary wastewater in order to safeguard the shared environment and protect the water resources. In 2010, untreated or poorly waste water was flowing downstream across 10 cross boundary streams between Israeli and the occupied Palestinian territory, and vice versa, which impacted supplies of groundwater and drinking water. The project supported the construction of three wastewater collection systems in the targeted communities in the Occupied Palestinian Territory and the collected wastewater is now treated on the Israeli side on the basis of previously agreed upon mechanisms and tariffs between both parties. LTS assisted the Israeli and the Palestinian Water Authorities with a comprehensive review of environmental legislation, drafting of legal frameworks and structures for effective cross boundary wastewater.

Clients: United Nations Development Programme

NIRAS has been working in PFM for the last 15 years, supporting national decentralisation processes and applying pa…
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