2009 - 2010


Preparation of Community Development Component of Harapan Rainforest Initiative

Key Staff:

Lesley King

RSPB, in partnership with Burung Indonesia and the Birdlife Partnership persuaded the government of Indonesia in a landmark move to provide the group with two logging-concessions for the purposes of restoration and conservation. This has been converted into law, effected by the Indonesian Parliament in 2007. The restoration licence has been extended for 100 years. LTS provided support to RSPB on the Community Development Component of the Harapan Rainforest Initiative. RSPB asked LTS to review the community development activities at the Harapan Rainforest initiative to develop recommendations for the next phase of community development. This included a review of Harapan Rainforest’s approach towards local communities living within and bordering to the concession area, a review of Harapan Rainforest’s approach to capacity building of local government, in order to develop guidance and recommendations for the next phase.

Clients: Royal Society for the Protection of Birds



Geography: Indonesia

Date: 2009 - 2010

Keywords: RSPB, Ecosystems, Harapan Rainforest Initiative, community development, Harapan, Indonesia, Asia

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