2001 - 2003


Citarik Watershed Management Project

LTS provided specialist expertise in local NGO capacity building to support communities in the Citarik sub-watershed to better self-organise, and to advise on technical matters related to agricultural improvements. These capacity building efforts prepared the ground for a smoother implementation of the follow-on project. The specialist provided by LTS assisted the NGOs to re-focus rural development through a stakeholder-based self-help approach, set up & improve community-based NRM systems, introduce participatory planning methodologies, in particular to integrate women in the planning process, to bring in private sector expertise in marketing & food processing, and establish rural credit schemes and cooperative banks.

Clients: Japanese Bank for International Cooperation



Geography: Indonesia

Date: 2001 - 2003

Keywords: JBIC, expert, specialist, development, Indonesia, Asia, Citarik, watershed management, Water, Ecosystems

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