1995 - 2000


Western Ghats Forestry Project – Project Process Support Team

The Western Ghats Forestry Project aimed to conserve the biodiversity of the Western Ghats forests in Southern India and to sustain and enhance livelihoods. This was achieved through a process of institutional strengthening within the Forest Department to develop Joint Forest Planning and Management strategies in conjunction with local communities. Approaches to produce a sustainable supply of forest products, encourage regeneration and improve forest cover whilst conserving biodiversity and ecological functions of the forests were developed. LTS managed and provided consultants to a team of four specialists providing process support to guide the development of the Karnataka Forest Department. The support team focused on the development cycle and division level strategies of client-focused and site-specific management systems; management information systems; training; monitoring and evaluation; and technical issues including forest management planning, research and remote sensing.

Clients: Department for International Development



Geography: India

Date: 1995 - 2000

Keywords: DFID, specialist, GIS, governance, India, Asia, Forest Governance, forestry

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