2013 - 2015

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SADC Regional Vulnerability Assessment and Analysis Programme

The 35 million pounds Climate Smart Programme ‘Scaling-up Climate Smart Agriculture in Eastern and Southern Africa’ aims to improved knowledge, policies and longer-term incentives drive increased uptake of Climate Smart Agriculture (CSA) in COMESA- EAC-SADC member states. The programme has four components of which the second component is ‘Policy responses to vulnerability constantly informed and influenced by improved assessment of climate vulnerability (who, where, why) across the region’. This component is being coordinated and managed by SADC who have developed a regional Vulnerability and Assessment and Analysis (VAA) Strategy. SADC has established a Programme Management Unit (PMU) based at the SADC Secretariat, in Gaborone, Botswana which is responsible for coordinating and facilitation of the SADC RVAA programme. The objective of the current project is to assist SADC RVAA PMU to manage and implement DFID’s support to SADC RVAA Strategy which will enhance regional and national response to climate change, poverty and livelihood vulnerability. The component comprises three top level outputs:

  • National Vulnerability Assessment and Analysis procedures operational.
  • National Vulnerability Assessment and Analysis outputs reflected in policy and programme.
  • Regional Vulnerability Assessment and Analysis output accessible and communicated.

The SADC Secretariat has requested that the Service Provider deploy the following technical experts within the RVAA PMU. The technical and project management services include:

  • Provide advisory support to the SADC RVAA PMU Programme Manager on all technical aspects of VAA, chronic poverty, climate change and related institutional and policy development.
  • Support the VAA programme and VACs in the development and implementation of communication, dissemination and advocacy strategies.
  • Provide capacity building and technical leadership to national VACs.
  • Facilitate the institutional development and reinforcement of national VACs.
  • Technical assistance for the development of livelihood zoning and baselines; the design and implement of improved food security surveillance; and the linkage of short-term vulnerability monitoring and assessment into the analysis and alleviation of chronic poverty.
  • Harmonisation of reliable data and information on the processes and consequences of vulnerability.
  • Advisory support to the VAA programme and to VACs on hardware and software aspects of GIS.
  • Support the SADC RVAA PMU with programme planning, reporting and all aspects of monitoring of activities.

LTS provides two long-term experts, supported by a short-term consultant and LTS in-house staff. LTS will deliver the M&E for the project and work with the SADC PMU on M&E data collection and reporting. LTS will also support national VACs in technical oversight of VAA activities.


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