2005 - 2005


Guidelines on Stakeholder Participation in National Forest Programmes

Today, nearly all countries have forest sector strategies of some form or another, most of which have elements of an NFP process. Participation is widely accepted as an essential principle for such processes, however there is a wide and diversified understanding about what participation means. Furthermore there is only very little knowledge and information available to provide guidance for those organisations which intend to conduct participatory processes. FAO and other national and international organisations set up a “Community of Practice” on “Enhancing Stakeholder Participation in NFPs” to exchange information, build partnerships and collaboratively work on related topics. In support of the Community of Practice, LTS developed guidance with the Forestry Policy and Information Division at Food and Agriculture Organisation designed for use by NFP coordinators, forest sector planners in respective ministry policy units, government agency leaders involved in reform, policy makers and strategists, monitoring specialists, experts with an interest in participation, and advisors on governance and poverty in related sectors in both developed and developing countries.

Clients: Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

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