2015 - 2016


GROW: Community Oil Palm Outgrower Scheme Operational Model and Financial Plan Development

GROW is a private sector development initiative operating in Liberia to promote pro-poor economic growth and stability through partnerships with the private sector.

This assignment is to develop a robust Oil Palm Outgrower Scheme Operational Model and Financial Plan for Liberia, informed by best practice and lessons learned from oil palm outgrower schemes in different parts of the world.

  • GROW Liberia, managed by Adam Smith International (ASI), is a SIDA funded project.
  • LTS is contracted by ASI for this specific assignment, working with Greenstar Resources.
  • LTS will develop the Outgrower Scheme Operational Model and Financial Plan, with operating procedures conforming to RSPO P&Cs.

By harnessing private sector growth in the oil palm sector, this assignment hopes to substantially increase incomes and employment opportunities for poor women, men and youth.


The Liberian oil palm sector is of vital importance nationally and is dominated by multinational oil palm producers that have been granted significant concessions by the Government of Liberia (GoL). In the Concession Agreements, the GoL has committed itself to raising development finance to establish outgrower schemes. However, little progress has been made in promoting investment and raising finance for community oil palm outgrower schemes since the four large international concessions began operations in Liberia in 2010. This is a systemic constraint to smallholder farmers benefiting from growth in Liberia’s oil palm industry.


LTS is responsible for:

1) Development an Oil Palm Outgrower Scheme Operational Model that will address issues including: land tenure and user rights; selection criteria; plantation management and production training; financial training for participants; institutional and governance structures; integrated agricultural production, sustainable forestry management and conservation.

2) Creation of FPIC Standard Operating Procedures (SoPs) / adaptations to Free Prior Informed Consent (FPIC) guidelines that conform to the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil Principles and Criteria for the Outgrower Scheme implementation.

3) Develop an Outgrower Scheme Financial Plan linked to the Outgrower Scheme Operational Model.

4) Identifying and making initial contact with potential finances to access financing for the Oil Palm Outgrower Scheme programme implementation.

 Value and benefits

The resultant Outgrower Scheme Operational Model and Financial Plan will take into account Liberia’s unique cultural and land tenure context.

GROW’s objective is substantially increased incomes and employment opportunities for a large number of poor women, men and youth, created through agricultural market system change.



Geography: Liberia

Date: 2016

Keywords: Palm oil, Outgrower schemes, Agri-business, Agricultural investment

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