2002 - 2002


Protected Areas Development Programme: Phase II

Key Staff:

Patrick Abbot


The prime objective of the Protected Areas Development Programme (Phase II) was to enhance the conservation of biodiversity heritage in Ankasa and Bia Conservation Areas, as well as the Krokosua Hill Forest Reserve which is a designated Globally Significant Biodiversity Area.

PADP II consolidated and extend the on- and off-reserve achievements of its predecessor (PADP I), in particular securing long-term management prospects for the focal protected areas. This was achieved mainly through further improving the conservation and management capacity of the Wildlife Division of the Ghana Forestry Commission, and by complementing park infrastructures for administration and tourism. Off-reserve conservation centred on expansion of the participatory concepts developed during the first phase to a wider surrounding area. Programme support for eco-tourism development and income generating activities contributed to reduced poverty in adjacent rural communities.

Phase II was primarily an institutional strengthening intervention, with emphasis on building the capacity of existing local institutions and personnel, and enhancing the effectiveness of existing infrastructure. The approach involved the project playing a catalytic role to enable the Wildlife Division and other sectoral stakeholders to build sustainable management capacity, rather than simply providing a vehicle for implementing activities.

Clients: European Commission



Geography: Ghana

Date: 2006 - 2002

Keywords: EC, European Commission, management, administration, technical assistance, communication

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