2011 - 2012


Development of Forest Investment Strategy

Key Staff:

Philippa Lincoln

The Government of Ghana was selected as a pilot country for the Forest Investment Programme (FIP) under the Climate Investment Fund and is preparing its forest sector investment strategy for FIP funding. LTS prepared a brief assessment of lessons learned from previous and ongoing projects and programmes in the forest and land use sectors in Ghana for incorporation into the design of the proposed FIP investment; conducted a series of consultative meetings and workshops with key stakeholders activities including, but not limited to, civil society, private sector, local, regional and national government representatives, developmental partners and the FIP Mission in support of the FIP investment strategy preparation activities; and participated in and contributing technically to the preparation of the Ghana FIP Investment Strategy which should cover the following areas:

  • Institutional capacity, forest governance and other information such as: implementation of systems for forest resource monitoring; information management and resource inventory; forest law enforcement; land and tree tenure reform; forest management; building capacities of local communities;
  • Investments for the implementation of Ghana’s REDD+ strategy to result in innovative and replicable transformational approaches to reducing greenhouse gas emissions from deforestation and forest degradation;
  • Investments in forest mitigation measures including forest ecosystem services such as forest conservation; promotion of payments for environmental services to sustain biodiversity and ecosystem services equitable benefit-sharing arrangements; restoration and sustainable management of degraded forests and landscapes; afforestation and reforestation on previously degraded land; restructuring of forest industries and promotion of company and community partnership; forest protection measures; improved land management practices; promotion of forest and chain of custody certification;
  • Investments outside the forest sector necessary to reduce the pressure on forests such as: alternative livelihood and poverty reduction opportunities for forest dependent communities; alternative energy programs; agricultural investments in the context of rationalized land use planning; agricultural intensification including agro-forestry; regularly advising the MDBs (AfDB and the World Bank Group) on progress particularly on issues relating to preparation of the investment strategy with monthly operational reports.
  • Participating in and contribute to the preparation of the Joint Mission Aide Memoire and any other documents and updating the MDBs, on a timely basis, on the progress in the preparation of the FIP Investment Strategy documentation.

Clients: Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning



Geography: Ghana

Date: 2011 - 2012

Keywords: FIP, governance, technical assistance

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