2003 - 2006


Development and Testing of a New Forest Auctioning System

A key activity of this project was to develop a new timber and non-wood forest product auctioning system. This included the preparation of guidelines for sustainable utilisation of forest resources to increase revenue and maintain transparency. The project entailed a revision of current legislation for natural resource utilisation, identification of the types of forest uses reasonable for auctioning, development of an interim regulation for auctioning, testing the new auctioning system and finalising the new forest resource auctioning regulation based on the results of the experiment. LTS managed this contract and was responsible for all outputs. Key tasks included: review of the legal framework of the management and utilisation of forestry resources; development of an objective and auditable model for the determination of reserve prices for auction sales; identifying priority types of forest uses for auctioning and other market based forms of forest resource sales; developing an objective and auditable model for auction sales in the State Forest Department; developing a draft New Forest Resource Auctioning Regulation; producing a detailed protocol and operating procedures manual; and testing and refinement of the new auctioning system.

Clients: World Bank



Geography: Georgia

Date: 2003 - 2006

Keywords: World Bank, forests, M&E, monitoring, evaluation, management, Georgia

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