2013 - 2013


Design of the Community Development Trust Fund Climate Change Programme

CDTF is currently implementing projects under Fast Start Climate change funded by Danida at the tune of $40 million. Under this stream of funds, CDTF provides support to community based projects on sustainable natural resource management. Through this facility, community led initiatives in areas of soil and water conservation, renewable energy, watershed management, water and sanitation, waste management and nature based enterprises are established through a competitive bidding process.

LTS has been responsible for the technical design and formulation of a new thematic “climate change” call for proposals and its guidelines for implementation. Under this call for proposals there is a deliberate effort to select projects that address climate change issues and those that promote alternative rural renewable energy saving technologies. Concepts that addressed aspects of climate change/renewable energy with a focus of 60% and above will be selected aimed at participating in the carbon market via the REDD+ initiatives. LTS also provided overall recommendations on the most feasible, viable and cost effective online call for proposal process.

Image credit: Wajahat Mahmood

Clients: Danida



Geography: Kenya

Date: 2013

Keywords: Grant Management, CDTF, Fast Start, Climate Change, Water, Danida, Call for Proposals, CEF

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