2005 - 2009


Forest Governance Learning Group

Forestry can contribute to the eradication of poverty and sustainability, but only with good forest governance. As a key founding member of the Forest Governance Learning Group (FGLG) LTS continues to focus its efforts on improving national forest programmes in Sub-Saharan Africa (Cameroon, Ghana, Mali, Malawi, Mozambique, Niger, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda) and Asia (India, Indonesia and Vietnam), linking forestry’s contribution in poverty reduction strategies, tackling the effects on livelihoods of illegal logging and corruption in forestry, and ensuring sustainability and equity in forest privatisation and decentralisation. LTS has contributed to the FGLG process through overseeing new policy research conducted on illegal/corrupt forestry and poor people, facilitation of learning between countries promoted in two regions – West and Southern Africa, and developing specific practical governance guidance materials and tools.

Clients: European Commission, International Institute for Environment and Development

NIRAS has been working in PFM for the last 15 years, supporting national decentralisation processes and applying pa…
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