1973 - 1973

United Kingdom:

The Employment Generating Effect of Primary Forestry Investment in a District of Argyllshire

This report was undertaken to investigate the employment generating effects of primary forest investment in rural areas. The area studied was mid-Argyll. The findings are based on data colelcted from the Forestry Commission, private forestry groups and private estates. In addition, a survey of forest workers was carried out to gather attitudes towards forestry and to ascertain the population stability. Further information was obtained from haulage contractors, timber merchants and local saw mills. The report concludes that the forest investment is contributing to employment generation but the young age of the forest precludes the development of substantial secondary industries. The situation will improve significantly in 10-15 years’ time. Until then the planting programme should be maintained at at least current levels. The major difference between the Forestry Commission and the private sector is the much greater reliance placed on contract labour by the private sector. The contract system has advantages and disadvantages.

Clients: Highlands and Islands' Development Board

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