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Evaluation of the Prosperity Fund and Programmes

The Prosperity Fund is a cross-Whitehall £1.3 billion Fund which will run from 2017 – 2022. Its objective is to help promote economic growth in middles-income countries. The Fund is effectively a portfolio of programmes implemented in countries in Latin America (Brazil, Colombia, Mexico), Asia (India, China, Vietnam, Indonesia) amongst others. Programmes are either thematic or country-focussed. The Fund is loosely structured around five thematic areas: infrastructure; human capital, innovation and technology; trade; financial and economic reform; and ease of doing business. The Fund is intended to produce not only primary benefits for target countries (and particularly the poor people in these), but also secondary benefits for UK businesses (through the development of partnerships and market opportunities).

LTS has been contracted to deliver the inception phase of the Prosperity Fund and programme evaluations. In this role, LTS is developing an evaluation approach and methodology, a set of evaluation questions, a revised theory of change and an evaluation work plan amongst other outputs. LTS has a key role in the design of the evaluation. It is managing the inputs from a number of external evaluation specialists and coordinating with the teams undertaking stakeholder engagement and operational aspects of the evaluation in WYG and Integrity.


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Date: 2018 - 2022


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