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Evaluation of the Congo Basin Forest Fund


This contract provides an independent evaluation of the Congo Basin Forest Fund (CBFF), which was established in 2008 to reduce deforestation across the Congo Basin.

  • The 10-year CBFF was initially funded by the UK and Norway, and later Canada.
  • The CBFF is administered/managed by the African Development Bank (AfDB), who contracted this evaluation.
  • Calls for CBFF proposals in 2008 and 2009 have funded 38 projects, EUR 52.6 million has been disbursed.
  • LTS is managing the evaluation, fielding a team of 10 (6 international, plus Cameroon and DRC country teams).


The Congo Basin Forest Fund (CBFF) is a ten-year programme, which aims to reduce deforestation through innovative and transformative projects. It was established in 2008 and is expected to finish in 2018. Two of the funding agencies decided to stop funding the CBFF early, while the third has continued. This has stimulated the call by the third donor for an independent evaluation looking at what has worked and what has not, and what value the Fund has added.


LTS has been contracted to provide this independent evaluation. The work includes preparing background papers on the performance of the portfolio of CBFF projects and the performance of the CBFF programme governance and implementation; as well as primary data collection and analysis (case studies).

The findings from these will provide the basis for the Draft and Final Evaluation Reports.

Value and benefits

The reports and findings will inform decision making at the executive/programme level and ensure accountability and lesson learning at the project level (for the CBFF Secretariat / AfDB and for implementing partners/project grantees). The intention is to inform and shape future programmes and thereby improve development impact.

Click to links below to view the Congo Basin Forest Fund evaluation and inceptions reports…

Evaluation of the Congo Basin Forest Fund: A Thematic Evaluation (1)

Evaluation of the Congo Basin Forest Fund: A Thematic Evaluation (2)

Congo Basin Forest Fund Evaluation Report

Congo Basin Forest Fund Inception Report

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Clients: African Development Bank



Geography: Democratic Republic of the Congo, Central African Republic, Cameroon, Chad

Date: 2016 - 2010


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