2006 - 2006


Evaluation of Closed Darwin Initiative Projects Located in Vietnam

This evaluated of closed projects in Vietnam evaluated five projects. Some of the projects seemed to have been ‘good starts’ that could easily and usefully be built on. Local partners had reflected thoroughly on the projects, learning from both what worked well during the project but also what did not work well to come up with new project ideas in 3 of the 5 projects evaluated. Exploring subsequent support of these project ideas (that are grounded in experience) may be worthwhile. Many of the local partners felt that working with local villagers and changing project strategies to be responsive to local ideas was more effective than trying to change local people to fit project strategies. In line with this there was a recommendation from several local partners that it would be very beneficial for the projects in terms of their cost-effectiveness and impact if Darwin could develop a mechanism to ensure local people as well as other local partners can input into project design, e.g. pre-project funding could have a broader scope to include funding for local level multi-stakeholder project design workshops.


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