2008 - 2008


Evaluation of Closed Darwin Initiative Projects in Madagascar

Key Staff:

Lesley King

Madagascar was selected for an Evaluation of Closed Projects (ECP) in 2008 because of the substantial number of DI projects in the country (nine projects and one Fellowship to date), Madagascar’s high biodiversity importance and because eight of the projects have been the subject of an earlier focused assessment as part of the DI Thematic Review on Islands. This meant that substantial information was already available and could easily be built upon to encompass the elements required of an ECP. The closed Darwin Initiative projects that were evaluated for this assignment were: MSc Training at DICE, University of Kent; Chameleon Surveys, DICE, University of Kent; Fruit Bats and Biodiversity, University of Aberdeen; Wetlands Conservation, Royal Holloway College, London; Conservation of Threatened Littoral Forests in SE Madagascar, University of Oxford; Marine Environmental Monitoring, Society for Environmental Exploration; Conservation and Management of Malagasy Microchiroptera, University of Aberdeen; and Bat Conservation, University of Aberdeen.


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