2007 - 2007

Central America:

Evaluation of Closed Darwin Initiative Projects in Costa Rica and Panama

The evaluation of closed projects in Panama and Costa Rica was carried out through a series of telephone interviews, correspondence with project leaders, team members and a field visit to both countries where face to face interviews took place. The five projects evaluated spanned from 1993 to 2006 with a post project still ongoing, which follows on from a previous Darwin Initiative funded project. The scope of projects varied from a pilot for software development for insect identification, to the conservation of a marine management zone, the development of capacity for monitoring of species, the capacity development of Central American National Focal Points, to the establishment of an insect collection. All the projects were considered to be relevant, and to have furthered biodiversity conservation.




Date: 2007

Keywords: ECP, evalution of closed project, Darwin, Darwin Initiative, DEFRA, M&E, Ecosystems

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