2010 - 2010

United Kingdom:

Evaluating the Effectiveness of Public Spending in the Forestry Sector

As part of the evaluation, LTS carryied out a stock-take of public expenditure analysis efforts in forestry and efforts to establish the effectiveness and efficiency of public spending in the forestry sector.  LTS also examined public expenditure analysis work from other sectors and built up a compendium of global good practice examples which could be used in the forestry sector. LTS drew upon this knowledge to prepare a guidance note, including a set of principles articulating a best practice approach to public expenditure analysis (including assessments of expenditure efficiency and effectiveness), for the forest sector. Tools such as the Management Effectiveness Tracking Tool (currently deployed to assess the effectiveness of spending on protected areas) were considered for the forest sector.

To read the Review and Guidance Note please click here.

Clients: World Bank



Geography: United Kingdom

Date: 2010

Keywords: M&E, monitoring, evaluation, forests, World Bank

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