2008 - 2008

United Kingdom:

An Assessment of Lessons Learnt in the Communication and Dissemination of Emerging Scientific Issues to Environmental Policy-Makers

The SKEP network is a partnership of 17 government ministries and agencies, from 13 European countries, and is responsible for funding environmental research. This project focused on drawing out and assessing lessons about how scientists communicate with policymakers, how policymakers use science, how scientists could be more effective in influencing policy and what the constraints to improvement are – ie. what is needed to catalyse action. LTS determined lessons learnt in science communication through a literature review, selected case studies across Europe and thorough stakeholder consultation. The project synthesized collected lessons into a set of best practice guidelines for use by the SKEP network.

Clients: Environment Agency



Geography: United Kingdom

Date: 2008

Keywords: UKEA, EC, European Commission, communication

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