2009 - 2011


Climate Change Adaptation Project

Key Staff:

Patrick Abbot

The UNDP prepared an African Adaptation Programme (AAP) to strengthen capacity for climate change adaptation across 21 countries in Africa. Paddy Abbot, Managing Director of LTS, was commissioned by UNDP to lead the preparation of this programme in Kenya, Malawi and Ethiopia. The process involved extensive stakeholder consultation to develop a programme that would enhance the adaptive capacity of vulnerable countries, promote early adaptation action and lay the foundation for long-term investment to increase resilience to climate change across the African continent. The AAP provided the countries with an overall structure for organising and prioritising climate change resources and investments, whilst the pan-African approach provided the scope for valuable cross-country learning.

Clients: United Nations Development Programme



Geography: Ethiopia, Kenya, Malawi

Date: 2009 - 2011

Keywords: UNDP, adaptation

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