2011 - 2012


Global Climate Change Alliance: Building Capacity and Knowledge on Climate Change Resilient Actions

This project was formulated by the EU Delegation with full participation of NAO, EPA, MoA and MoWE. It aims to contribute towards the construction of a carbon neutral and climate resilient economy through the corresponding socio-economic development program (CRGE). Identification of Services is a key aspect of the project, which focuses on advisory and support functions. The global objective of the project is to contribute to ensuring the effective and efficient preparation for and start up of the “Ethiopia Global Climate Change Alliance (GCCA-E): Building the national capacity and knowledge on climate change resilient actions”. The specific objective is to assist the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) and all concerned parties (namely MoA, MoWE, AFD and GIZ) with all start-up activities related to the project. LTS are providing the following services:

  • Institutional capacity building to ensure that EPA has the institutional capacities to coordinate and mainstream climate change into policy, regulatory and strategic development planning.
  • Developing a knowledge base that allows stakeholders at all levels (national, regional and local) to build resilience to climate change impacts.
  • Field testing climate change activities in the context of CRGE successfully in the areas of the Sustainable Land Management (SLM) program of the MoA.

Clients: European Commission



Geography: Ethiopia

Date: 2011 - 2012

Keywords: EC, European Commission, resilience, GCCA, Global Climate Change Alliance, Climate Change

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