2001 - 2001


Awash Conservation and Development Project

CARE Ethiopia implements the AWASH Project in collaboration with the Ethiopian Wildlife Conservation Organisation (EXCO) and the Regional Governments. The concept of community approaches to conservation is considered experimental in Ethiopia, thus the project is being regarded as a testing ground for new policy direction in the wildlife sector. LTS consultants provided process support to the project and CARE Ethiopia including the development of a monitoring & evaluation plan for the project, training and re-orientation of staff and change management to enable the project to become an Integrated Conservation & Development Project (ICDP), advice on the development and implementation of participatory natural resource management planning, and policy advice.

Clients: CARE International



Geography: Ethiopia

Date: 2002 - 2001

Keywords: M&E, monitoring, evaluation, baseline, Ethiopia, Horn of Africa, Africa, CARE, Awash, Ecosystems

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