2012 - 2013


Support Programme to the Development of the Forest Sector

Key Staff:

Brendan Howard

Belgian support in Rwanda’s forestry sector is long-standing. The focus of the project was to prepare terms of reference (ToR) for tender documents and future consultancy assignments intended to deepen forest sector reform.

The LTS team prepared ToRs that will support the High Institute of Agriculture in preparation of training modules for silviculture of plantations, forest plantation harvesting and agroforestry as well as in the implementation of experimental applied research. Additional ToRs were developed for establishment of agroforestry trials and the provision of a handbook of agroforestry in Rwanda; finalisation of the manual of forestry plantations in Rwanda; acquisition of specific forest equipment, including measuring equipment, on the implementation of a training module on forest economics and management of cooperatives, and on implementation of training on the market transformation of wood.

Clients: Belgian Technical Cooperation



Geography: Rwanda

Date: 2012 - 2013

Keywords: Rwanda, ToR, PAREF, BTC, forestry, agroforestry, terms of reference, bidding documents, ISAE, plantations

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