2006 - 2006

Latin America:

Development Potential of Chainsaw Logging and Milling and Associated Decision Guide

This was a research project designed to clarify the conversion efficiency of chainsaw log conversion, the flow of costs and benefits that arise and the potential for improving skills and lowering impacts through application of modified reduced logging techniques. The starting point was a comprehensive strategic review of chainsaw conversion, from which the experimental protocols for the field studies were developed. The results from the marketing, conversion and socio-economic studies when combined with the questionnaire outcomes provided the basis for the decision support system. This provides guidance at policy, planning and practitioner levels on how to identify situations where chainsaw conversion could be appropriate and on the conditions, support and control systems that may be required. The project held a regional workshop in Guyana jointly with FAO Regional Forestry Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean.

Clients: Department for International Development



Geography: Belize, Guyana, Suriname

Date: 2006

Keywords: DFID, forests, timber

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