2004 - 2005

Africa - Regional:

Support to Forestry Services for Commerical Tea Company

Staff time in the field with analysis work undertaken in Edinburgh. The company has one large estate in Kericho, Kenya and seven estates located across western Uganda. In both countries, advice was linked into current and predicted wider changes to the forestry sector. The recommendations included innovative approaches for managing the existing resource base, some of which was overmature and stagnating, based on felling and regeneration / replacement plans that optimised take up of current opportunities within and outside the company. The overall advice was set in the context of 15 year projections for tea production and ensured that the resource would be available to meet this in the most financially efficient way, including probabilistic modelling of the anticipated variation between and within years. Capacity building of company staff expertise through mentoring and field training was a continuous activity.

Clients: Private

Geography: Kenya, Uganda

Date: 2004 - 2005

Keywords: technical assistance, forests

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