2010 - 2011

United Kingdom:

Development Innovation Fund

The UK White paper on international development outlined DFID’s approach to working with civil society, including a commitment to help community groups support small-scale, innovative work. To this end, the Development Innovation Fund’s (DIF) aims have been to provide grants to small organisations involved in providing specific small-scale, one-off support that directly targets poverty in the developing world, and included a significant development awareness component in the UK. The Fund has been supporting projects which demonstrate that they will make a positive impact on the lives of poor people in the developing world. All projects have needed to show how lessons learnt will be used to raise public awareness in the UK of international development issues. The DIF was allocated a budget of £7m for a period of 16 months. LTS’ role was to manage the entire Development Innovation Fund process from inviting and guiding applications, through appraising and assessing applications, managing budgets and distributing grants, and on to evaluating funded projects and reporting to DFID on delivery of the Fund.


Clients: Department for International Development

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