2012 - 2012


Design of a Hunger Reduction and Livelihoods Signature Programme in North-East Kenya

This project involved conducting a mapping exercise of which agencies were working in different parts of Wajif County and in which aspects of food security, livelihoods and nutrition they have capacity (expertise, coverage, relationships, etc.). While meetings with some actors were used to access general or specific information to aid programme design, others were also used to explore the potential for collaboration. This assignment involved:

  • conducting interviews to obtain geographic coverage of each agency in relevant sectors/interventions (in as much detail as possible including the number of villages, where relevant)
  • number and type of beneficiaries/targeting processes
  • main geographic intervention areas and evidence of impact/success
  • perceived key challenges in relation to nutrition and livelihoods
  • perceived gaps in relation to existing programming
  • key policy issues for advocacy
  • interest/scope for potential collaboration
  • donor interest and plans for future FSL initiatives in the region

A report was produced that detailed the findings from each of the meetings. The report took into account the implications of the new constitution and government structure and the desire of the signature programme to be replicable and scalable by others, including Government.

Clients: Save the Children

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