2012 - 2012


Conservation of Maasai Mau and Transmara Forest Blocks of Mau Forest Complex and Preparation of Project Investment Proposal

The objective of the study was to develop a project for sustainable and environmentally sound conservation of the Maasai-Mau and Transmara forests as a significant trans-boundary water source. The study sought to prepare forest conservation projects/measures that would contribute towards the reversal of the current forest degradation trends so as to ensure that the forests continued to provide ecological services for a healthy environment, improved water security and livelihood improvement among the forest adjacent communities. The study developed a project framework that

  • provided income generation opportunities to improve livelihoods of rural communities
  • increased private sector participation in commercial plantation
  • rehabilitated degraded forest land area through plantation
  • strengthened the capacity of the extension system to support tree plantation

LTS provided project scoping including a review of policy development initiatives for forestry and assessment of the implications for forest plantations; an investment plan preparation including a review of the status of forestry and land use in the project area, and development of recommendations for appropriate plantation design and management and other measures to ensure suitable land use to be promoted under the project; and an investment proposal document based on the preparatory tasks, design and investment project. In doing so, LTS:

  • identified structural and non-structural measures
  • determined preliminary cost estimates
  • developed implementation arrangements
  • specified the project outline, detailing individual investments, activities, sites, and scheduling.

LTS produced an interim report at the end of the scoping phase and a final report that included GIS maps of identified potential eco-tourism sites in the respective forest blocks.

Clients: Nile Basin Initiative

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