Completion of the Malawi Climate Smart Agriculture Framework

On Friday 16th March, 2018, the Land Resources Conservation Department (LRCD) under the Malawi Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Water Development hosted a ribbon cutting for the official acceptance of the national Climate Smart Agriculture Framework and the other deliverables under LTSI’s portion of the Vuna project in Malawi for CSA Coordination.

LTSI, with support from LTSM, had two consultants developing the CSA Framework, a national CSA Inventory and a Terms of Reference and charter for the Malawi Climate Smart Agriculture Alliance. We developed and maintained good relationships, leveraged our local resources and ended up with a final product that everyone was happy with. 

During the ceremony, the LRCD and the representative of the Minister had such good things to say about our work, and what this means for Malawi. We feel that the collaborative efforts in putting these documents together, the multiple iterations, the involvement of so many stakeholders and the ultimate acceptance of the Ministry means that these documents will be put to use and will lend to a better coordinated CSA approach across Malawi.



Date: 2018 -


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