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Timber Tracking System

The timber tracking system is a component of the Voluntary Partnership Agreements developed by the European Union. It is set up to monitor harvested timber from origin (physical location of operations) to destination (port of export or processing plant) and also from destination to origin.

LTS was contracted by SGS Cameroon who implemented an EC funded project with the overall objective to study the needs and conditions for the implementation of the Timber Traceability System Cameroon (STBC) in its pilot phase.
Specific objectives were:

  • to review and validate standard operating procedures (SOP) system for the pilot phase with key project stakeholders;
  • to ensure and assure the compliance of systems and processes with the Cameroonian legal and regulatory framework as put into practice and prevailing for the pilot phase and, subsequently, in the context of SVL/LAS and FLEGT VPA;
  • to prepare for system tests at the pilot sites by performing an inventory on the ground in order to collect essential information and assess needs and conditions for the implementation of the pilot, including the acquisition of technical equipment for deployment and implementation of pilot activities to support requirements (training, communication, etc.);
  • to carry out field missions with teams of the MINFOF to the pilot sites for logging, processing plants, regional offices and departments and checkpoints;
  • to perform a gap analysis for the implementation of the tracking system
  • to facilitate the estimation of additional cost estimates and preparation of technical and financial proposals to insert the test of legality under the VPA SVL during the pilot phase
  • to ensure permanent liaison with the Department of Forests / MINFOF during the mission.

LTS provided the following services:

  • research and literature review;
  • review and validation of standard operating procedures (SOP) in collaboration with MINFOF, operators of the sector and other stakeholders;
  • study of the institutional MINFOF and its decentralized services [as far as possible not only in the pilot area];
  • study of forest control system [as far as possible not only in the pilot area];
    study of the stakeholders in the implementation of pilot system [as far as possible not only in the pilot area];
  • definition of legality tests to perform in accordance with the VPA SVL;
  • proposal to insert those tests during the pilot phase.

The outputs were:

  • a full mission report, including a list of documents collected as part of the mission, and contact list of people met
  • a report prepared in collaboration with MINFOF for field missions
  • the results of studies reviewed and validated by the SOPs
  • a financial proposal and timetable for implementing the tests of legality in the pilot area (submitted by the Consortium).

Clients: SGS Cameroon



Geography: Cameroon

Date: 2011

Keywords: EU, European Union, FLEGT, VPA, timber, forests

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