1996 - 1997


Mount Cameroon Project (Phase 2 & Exit)

This project developed mechanisms for resource use and conservation in the high conservation value forests of Mount Cameroon. Partnerships for forest management were formed with a range of stakeholders including village users, national institutions and a major agro-business plantation corporation. The capacity of resource users and other stakeholders to implement a participatory strategy for sustainable use and conservation of forest resources in the Mount Cameroon region was developed and demonstrated by measurable impacts on livelihoods by forest user groups. Key forest resource information was factored into innovative forest management planning methods for use by Forest Officers and community forest managers. The project was based in the Limbe Botanic Garden, which was transformed into a semi-autonomous and viable research, training and information management institution providing services in participatory biodiversity conservation. In the exit phase, the technical assistance managed by LTS put emphasis on strengthening institutional capacity to take on vital roles and services.

Clients: Department for International Development

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