2010 - 2010


Formulation of Forest Demarcation Procedures Manual

Forests constitute about 60 per cent of Cambodia’s total area corresponding to approximately 10 million hectares. Cambodia’s national forest programme developed in 2010 includes various sub-programmes dealing with the demarcation and classification of forests, national forest management and conservation, forest law enforcement and governance, community forestry and sustainable forest financing. Land tenure issues have become a major concern for efficient and sustainable forest management due to overlapping areas and unclear or unavailable boundaries in place. The demarcation for long-term forestland management and agricultural or industrial development has become a priority for Government, yet there is limited practical implementation thus far. Through a participatory process, LTS evaluated ‘cost and time-effectiveness’ of forest demarcation results undertaken in 6 pilot areas and formulated a practical manual for forest demarcation for Cambodia to be used for forest demarcation throughout the country.

Clients: Department for International Development



Geography: Cambodia

Date: 2010

Keywords: DFID, forests, M&E, monitoring, evaluation

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