2008 - 2008

United Kingdom:

Assessment of Current Capability and Future Costs for Major Forest Nations to Measure and Monitor their Carbon and Scoping Capacity for Climate Change Mitigation in Tropical Forest Countries

This assignment was undertaken as part of the Eliasch Review: an independent review that reported to the (UK) Prime Minister on the role of global forests in tackling climate change through existing and new financing mechanisms. The study covered 25 tropical countries worldwide and required the LTS team to assess the national capacity and capability for measuring and monitoring forest as a requirement for reporting on REDD under IPCC guidelines, as well as the cost implications for defined scenarios for measuring and monitoring the major forest nations’ forest carbon. The team conceptually mapped the suitability of existing tropical forest for logging and agricultural conversion uses and also calculated the resulting CO2 emissions. A variety of monitoring techniques were used including visual interpretation of satellite data, indirect approaches on satellite data to detect degradation, models of satellite data (e.g. NDFI), Radar use and Lidar use. To read the report from the Eliasch Review “Climate Change: Financing Global Forests” please see below.

Clients: UK Office of Climate Change

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