2003 - 2003


Training on Decentralised Forest Management Planning

LTS managed in conjunction with RECOFTC a tailor-made training course designed at developing awareness and skills necessary for strategic planning also provides a platform from which capacity building for decentralised management – identifying objectives, budgeting, monitoring and evaluation and improving good governance – could be practically implemented. Through a strategic planning process, different institutions can define and develop a shared understanding of their long-term vision on the basis of national and local needs, facilitate effective involvement of wider stakeholders in the creation and implementation of strategies towards achieving their goals, and improve accountability, both upwards to central government and downwards to the local constituency, through integrated monitoring activities.

Clients: The Center for People and Forests

Geography: Thailand

Date: 2003

Keywords: RECOFTC, governance, management, forests

NIRAS has been working in PFM for the last 15 years, supporting national decentralisation processes and applying pa…
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