2010 - 2010

Africa - Regional:

Scoping of a High-Deforesting Multi-country Programme for the Africa Regional Department

Key Staff:

Patrick Abbot

This consultancy provided an opportunity to contribute to the work of a government department on a fast-moving, high profile portfolio. It involved facilitating a consultative process and conduct desk/internet research to produce a concept paper and the foundation elements of a DFID programme memorandum for a new High Deforesting Multi-Country Programme for ARD. The role of the Consultant was to analyse the outcomes of COP 15/Copenhagen and to start to design a programme which would enable the selected countries to respond to/make the most of these outcomes. The Consultant required an understanding of the impacts of climate change on development, deforestation drivers, the potential of forests to reduce poverty and contribute to the MDGs, knowledge of international forest policy processes and institutions, ability to work with government and donors, and experience of east/southern Africa. He also required a good understanding of DFID and general development principles.

Clients: Department for International Development




Date: 2010

Keywords: REDD, DFID, scoping, deforestation, multi-country, Africa

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